Bezaleel Ashefor Software Engineer. Creative. I design & make cool things.
Location Lake Kivu, Rwanda
What I look like. duh
A software engineer who is always looking for a new challenge, with over a decade of experience sitting behind a screen and churning out software. From the J2ME days right up to the last Blackberry device to the glorious mobile days right now. An aspiring Nascar racer who loves to build things that helps people get more done, whether with my bare hands or behind strings of code.

Love playing video games, tinkering and building them on the side too. Currently trying my hands on machine learning for automated customer support, beacons for event ticketing, and how to give my 2009 Mazda computer vision (seriously).

On my bucket list, is to build a culture rich, puzzled filled but also action-packed, RPG/MMO video game. I release stress and create by listening to EDMs, reading hardware design books and hanging out with family.

2021 - 2023 PushPress, US Senior Software Engineer Helping to build The Operating System for Gyms worldwide. PushPress provides robust, simple, and elegant recurring billing and membership management solutions for gyms and crossfit studios.
2018 - 2022 SiriusLabs, Lagos/US Senior iOS Developer/Product Designer (Remote) Currently responsible for product design decisions for a range of products, from telemedicine apps to logistics tracking apps to internal project management tools.

Working with a group of talented developers and designers to build bespoke software solutions for everyday businesses in Nigeria, Africa, and the world.
2018 Gokada, Lagos Senior Android Developer/Head of Mobile Development On the team that was solely responsible for creating the Gokada passenger app. Using the MVVM architecture implemented with Realm as the datastore. Working extensively with the design team to create and implement UI & UX improvements across all the apps on all mobile platforms.

Also lead a team for an in-house side project that enabled the office chef to notify the team when food was about to be made, collect any custom order, and notify when the food was ready. All notifications were done to Slack through a Slack bot from a client app on the chef’s phone.

Was also on the team that created a lighter version of the Gokada app that worked with very slow internet and on slow devices called Gokada Lite.
2017 - Present Ephod Software Systems, Lagos Product Experiment Lead Where I build out and share tools that solve specific problems.

Color Picker App for iOS, iPadOS and MacOS

Beautiful minimal image viewer for MacOS

A fun fiat/crypto currency calculator
2015 - 2017 Gigster, San Francisco iOS Developer (Remote) Worked on a couple of client projects ranging from healthcare apps to streaming apps and lifestyle apps that helped people find bars, automatically get their cars parked and an Uber requested if they became too intoxicated while out drinking.
2014 - 2015 BassBot, San Francisco Android Developer Joined Justin and Damien Kan to build a platform for indie EDM artists to gain free promotion for their music.
2013 - 2014, San Francisco Android Developer Built the first app for that allowed music enthusiasts find new and unreleased music from indie artists and rate it as well
2011 - 2013 DIUS STUDIOS, Lagos Head Game Designer Responsible for the in-game design, engine and development of (Wheels Of Fury), a 3D battle racing game for PC, Xbox, and Playstation.
Created game assets and mechanics for a robot adventure game
Ghost iOS/iPadOS/WatchOS - Swift. CoreData. Google Calendar API. Ghost is my personal schedule app. It aggregrates all events/tasks from my calenders and then intelligently prioritizes my alarms, commute traffic info and my DND according to what I need to get done.
Litur iOS/iPadOS/macOS - Swift. CoreData. CloudKit. Apple Watch. A color picker for the real world. Litur helps you find and collect all the colors around you.
View More - Litur Website
Paystack Corporate iOS - Swift. CoreData. Paystack API Paystack Corporate helps Paystack manage it's budgets for employee spending and expenses.
Splendent iOS/iPadOS - Swift. CoreData. Google Calendar API. Splendent is a stock alarm app I built to notify me about specific conditions I set on any stock.
Heimdallr Android - Java. Room. Heimdallr is a minimal Android launcher.
Bijou iOS - Swift. Metal. CoreData. Bijou gives you a super easy way to add the miniature/tiltshift effects to your photos.
WinSalvo iOS - Swift. CoreData. WinSalvo API WinSalvo is a trivia competition and prize-winning app.
Gokada Android - Java. Realm. A bike hailing service in Lagos.
You can reach out to me for work, press releases about any of my products, fun banter or even questions related to what I do through knightbenax[at]gmail[dot]com.

I would be super happy to respond.

Also you could hit me up on Twitter! Twitter handle in the footer below